Food & Happiness

Food & Happiness

Food plays a vital role in our lives, from a nutritional perspective, to the enjoyment of tastes and the experience of dining with friends and family. Beyond the celebration and nutritional value of food, research is increasingly finding a connection between gut health and mood. Consequently, increasing awareness of food quality and properties as well as mindful eating and sharing a meal with loved ones, we should pay close attention to the entire dining experience and how it affects wellbeing.


Chef Maria Loi is an expert in the benefits and practice of the Mediterranean Diet. A frequent collaborator with Harvard University, among other leading institutions, Chef Loi´s philosophy is derived from the warm, scented Greek air and the sounds of loved ones around the table. She is known for her welcoming attitude and focus on combining nutrition, food, happiness and kindness. When choosing ingredients and creating recipes she considers the ancient grains and flavors that continue to flourish Millenia later.

These ingredients, respected as the great Greek minds of Plato, Socrates and Hippocrates, are the pillars of a healthy, tasty Mediterranean diet: olive oil, Greek yogurt, grains, beans and freshly picked greens.

Maria Loi
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